What to Expect on Your Dog’s First Day at Doggy Daycare

First Day of Doggy Daycare Grand Rapids Pet Resort

What to Expect on Your Dog’s First Day at Doggy Daycare

First Day of Doggy Daycare Grand Rapids Pet Resort

Bringing your beloved four-legged friend to doggy daycare for the first time can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. Whether you’re a new pet parent or just trying out a daycare facility for the first time, knowing what to expect can ease your anxiety and help your pup have a smooth transition into this new environment. In this article, we’ll guide you through what you and your dog can anticipate on their first day at doggy daycare.

Dog Daycare Expectations

Enrollment and Preparation:

Before your dog’s first day, you’ll likely need to complete an enrollment process. This usually involves filling out forms, providing proof of vaccinations, and discussing your dog’s behavior and special needs with the daycare staff. It’s essential to be honest about your dog’s temperament to ensure they receive appropriate care.

Morning Drop-Off:

On the big day, you’ll arrive at the daycare facility. Most facilities have set drop-off hours, so make sure to plan accordingly. Your dog might be excited or a little anxious, so stay calm to reassure them. Hand over any necessary paperwork, medications, and your contact information.


The daycare staff will introduce your dog to their new furry friends gradually. This process ensures that dogs get acquainted with each other in a controlled and supervised manner. Expect some initial excitement and sniffing as dogs check each other out.

Assessment and Separation:

Daycare staff will assess your dog’s temperament, energy level, and social skills to determine which playgroup or area suits them best. Dogs are often grouped by size, age, and activity level to ensure safety and enjoyment for all. Your dog may be placed in a group with similar play styles.

Activities and Playtime:

Throughout the day, your dog will engage in various activities and playtime with their new friends. This includes games like fetch, tug-of-war, and even swimming if the facility has a pool. There will also be ample opportunities for running and exercise.

Rest Periods:

Just like humans, dogs need rest. Most daycare facilities have designated rest times where dogs can relax and recharge. They may have individual kennels or comfy mats for napping. Don’t be surprised if your dog comes home tired but content.

Supervised Environment:

Safety is a top priority in doggy daycare. The facility will have trained staff supervising the playgroups at all times to ensure that interactions remain positive and any potential issues are quickly addressed.

Meal and Snack Times:

If your dog is staying for a full day, they’ll likely be given meals and snacks according to your instructions. Be sure to provide detailed feeding guidelines to the daycare staff, including any dietary restrictions or allergies.

Behavior Updates:

Most daycares offer report cards or updates on your dog’s behavior during the day. This can include information about their interactions with other dogs, any concerns or improvements, and their overall experience.

Pick-Up and Aftercare:

When it’s time to pick up your furry friend, you’ll likely find them happy and tired from a day of play. It’s a good idea to bring a leash, as they may be excited to see you. After daycare, your dog might need some rest and a quieter evening at home.

Transition Period:

Your dog’s first day at daycare might be exhilarating but also overwhelming. Expect some adjustment time as your pup gets used to the routine and social dynamics. Consistency is key, so try to maintain a regular schedule for daycare visits.

Feedback and Communication:

Be sure to communicate with the daycare staff about any concerns or questions you may have. They are there to support you and your dog’s well-being, and feedback from both parties is crucial for a positive experience.

West Michigan Dog Daycare

Your dog’s first day at doggy daycare can be an enriching and enjoyable experience for them. With proper preparation, clear communication with the daycare staff, and a positive attitude, you can ensure that your furry companion has a fantastic time socializing, exercising, and making new friends in a safe and supervised environment. Remember, a tired and happy dog is a healthy dog, and doggy daycare can be a valuable addition to their life.

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