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Pet Resort Packages & Pricing

Daycare | Group Play

Starting at $25/day

  • Supervision by highly trained and passionate pack leaders
  • First day of daycare free with evaluation
  • No breed restrictions

*Rates based on package availability; Initial evaluation required; Vaccination requirement.

Boarding | Canine

Starting at $45/night

  • 24/7 supervision
  • Group play options available
  • Upgrade & al a carte options available
  • 365 nightly accommodations

*Rates based on tier pricing; some closure dates apply for pick up or drop off options; Vaccination requirement.

Professional Dog Training

Starting at $50/hr

  • Group and private options available
  • Puppy classes available for young pups
  • Senior oasis available for our older guests
  • One on one training experience for you and your pup

*Based on availability; Some exclusions apply; Fees based on temperament and trainer availability.

Pet Grooming & Spa Services

Prices based on size, weight, temperament, and coat type

  • Certified and licensed groomers
  • Different species and breed training specialties
  • Available Monday through Saturday
  • Reoccuring visit discounts apply

*Rates based on groomer or facility discretion; Rate provided at time of drop off; Onsite pricing required;
Safe-handling fees may apply.

Boarding, Grooming, Daycare, and more!

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Boarding Upgrades

*All services can be added on à la carte for additional fees; basic boarding stay does not include group play;

Bronze or Silver Tiers strongly recommended for pups staying more than two nights or that are boarding for their first time.

Tiers and à la carte can be purchased for every day or parents can choose certain days of their stay.

All-Inclusive: $40/day


  • Access to a raised bed or cushion bed.
  • Group play or one on one private play with a staff person 2x’s a day.
  • Personal Update with images.
  • Edible treats twice a day.
  • Enrichment toy or activity service for inside the kennel.
  • Food Provided. (contains chicken)

*Enrichment toys are designed to give your pup a fun, energy depleting experience, while exercising your pups mind.

Silver tier: $25/day


  • Access to a raised bed or cushion bed.
  • Group play or one on one private play with a staff person 2x’s a day.
  • Personal Update with images.
  • Edible treats before their last potty break.

Bronze tier: $15/day


  • Access to a raised bed or cushion bed.
  • Group play or one on one private play with a staff person.
  • Personal Update with images.

Boarding add-on’s:

  • House food: $7/day.
  • Medication fee: $7/day (We will not administer anything by injections).
  • Kong filled with peanut butter: $5/day.
  • 20 minutes of one-on-one play with staff person: $20/day.

À la carte 3 For $15:

  • Treat 1 daily.
  • 10 min extra play time (private or group).
  • 10 min. Belly rub and lots of lovin’.
  • Raised bed or cushion bed.
  • Lick mat with peanut butter.
  • Kong filled with peanut butter.
  • Treat ball or enrichment toy in kennel.

What To Expect At

Your Dogs First Day at Daycare!

Thank you for trusting us with your four-legged family member! Our only goal is to keep them safe and help them have a great time while in our care. During your pups initial evaluation we ask that they be at our daycare for at least 5 hours so we can evaluate them properly. Is this your first time at a doggy daycare? Here’s what to expect…


It’s normal for your dog to play with the human pack members – Our pack leaders are trained to help dogs regulate their play and keep them safe. Because of this many of our pups stay close to the people they trust. This usually dissipates over time and as your pup gets more comfortable they’ll play with the other dogs!


Every dog is different so every evaluation is different – We evaluate your pups comfort level by watching their play style, their body language, non-verbal and verbal cues/communication, and introduce them to as many new things on their first day as possible. We want to make sure this is the right play for your pup!


We’ll have more info for you when you arrive and when you leave – Don’t worry. Our goal is to help keep you in the loop and informed about what we see while your pup is at daycare. Give yourself some extra time at drop off to speak with one of our front desk staff. They’ll have a spiel and go over everything with you. You’ll also receive a personalized update when you arrive to pick your dog up and we’ll go over all of the pricing at that time.

What To Expect At

Your Dogs First Overnight Stay!

You’re going away for a couple days and you need somewhere to take your dog! This can be a scary, and downright nerve-wracking experience. At Paws & Unwind we want to make this a better, and more enjoyable experience for both you and your family member. During your pups stay they’re always going to have access to private sleeping cordors and water. We’ll feed them just like you would – bring your own food or we have some you can buy – and make sure they feel the love! Here’s a couple more things…


Talk to us about upgraded boarding options – Group play is available during the boarding stays for as little as $20 more per day. We strongly recommend upgrading your pups boarding stays if you’re planning to be gone for more than 2 nights or if they’ve never boarded with us before. Let us make your pups experience more enjoyable!


Pack up their food into individual baggies – We don’t want to feed your pup the wrong amount of food. To prevent this we ask that you bag up their food per each meal. For example: if they eat twice a day and are staying for 5 days you should bring 10 individual bags of food. We can package the food for you but there’s an extra fee.


Does your dog take medications? We’ll ask you some questions – If your dog takes medications, no problem! Our highly trained staff are very comfortable with administering medications. We’ll ask that you provide us with some additional information so make sure to give yourself a couple extra minutes when dropping off so we can get everything we need.

Register online and one of our Concierge Members will be reaching out to you in no time! We can’t wait to see your pup at Paws & Unwind! Have more questions?