Make Separation Easier when Dog Boarding

Make Separation Easier When Dog Boarding Grand Rapids

Make Separation Easier when Dog Boarding

Make Separation Easier When Dog Boarding Grand Rapids

If you’re planning a trip, then you likely need to look for some dog boarding options. This can bring a bit of anxiety for both the dog owner and the dog, especially if the pup already has some issues with separation anxiety. But, a good dog boarding facility can help you and your pup get through it successfully! Here are a few tips on how to make separation easier while kenneling your pup, so you can relax on your vacation, and your dog can have extra fun at the boarding facility!

How to Make Separation Easier for You & Your Dog

Talk to the Boarding Facility First

If you or your pup has some anxiety issues, the best thing you can do is simply talk with the facility’s staff members openly about it.

It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit anxious about leaving your dog for a few days, especially if you haven’t done it before. Boarding facilities take extra precautions to ensure that both you and the dog are comfortable with the situation. For instance, some facilities can let the owners video-call and see their pup while they stay at the facility! While the pup might not necessarily respond to that, dog owners can certainly feel more relaxed after they see their dog is fine and having fun.

Pack Their Bags Wisely

If your dog has any special needs in terms of medication or even food, the boarding facility will need to know everything about that. You can pack a special bag for your pup to make sure they have everything they need during their stay.

But don’t think of just food and medication. Dogs can feel stressed and confused while at the boarding facility, especially if their owners are not there. So, to make sure they can feel more comfortable, make sure to pack some of their favorite toys as well, maybe even an item of yours like a t-shirt. Your scent can bring them a bit of comfort and familiarity in an unfamiliar environment.

Make a Plan with the Boarding Facility

Does your dog get nervous or anxious easily? Then, discuss a calming-down plan with the boarding facility. You can provide them with a list of soothing activities that usually help calm down your pup, and review the daily activity plan that the boarding facility offers.

Look for the types of activities that you know your dog doesn’t like very much. For example, some dogs can get overstimulated when surrounded by other dogs, so limiting their interactions with the other guests may be better for your dog. In any case, the boarding facility needs to know these things.

Trust Our Grand Rapids Dog Boarding Facility!

Our staff at Paws & Unwind can sit down with you and plan the stay of your dog for maximum fun, comfort, and limited separation anxiety. We know just how difficult this process can be for you and your pup, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Contact us here for more information, or call us at (616) 930-4300.

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