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About Our Grand Rapids Pet Resort

Paws & Unwind is an aspiring one-stop-shop for our clients. Dedicated pet families look for places where they can trust others with their four-legged family members. At P&U we’re that trusted space. Offering Daycare, Boarding, Grooming, and Training services all under one roof provides peace of mind and convenience to our community members. We’re so much more than a business, though. Our dedicated, empowered, passionate employees are more than “animal lovers,” they’re professionals that always have the health and wellbeing of our guests in mind.

About Our Grand Rapids Pet Resort

We're Committed To Your Pet

Our Core Values

Being a Pack Leader, Boarding Lead, Groomer, Client Specialist, or a Trainer is about more than clocking in, doing your job, and going home at the end of the day. These animals depend on us to be their voice, give them comfort, or keep them safe and healthy. At Paws & Unwind we rely on three core values to see us through each day. They are…

Our first priority, to the pets in our care, and to our employees, is to keep everyone safe. We do this in a number of ways: training, experience, and empowerment. We provide training to our employees from industry leading educators, trainers, and behaviorists. Our staff are required to work a minimum number of days per week and are given significant time with a trainer before they’re allowed to be alone with their pack; this ensures our staff are comfortable the moment they walk into their own playroom.

Every staff member at P&U go through regular, and honest, check-ins with management and leadership to keep open lines of communication. We empower our staff, through this communication, to learn more and tell us when they need additional training to help them feel prepared for every day.

Our pets can’t speak for themselves. They don’t have the ability to tell us when things go wrong, they’re in pain, or when someone is mean to them. The responsibility of every member of our team is to SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING .

Communicating with those around you about the condition of your pack, the pups, the cats, their skin condition, their stool consistency, etc. keep everyone around you informed so we never miss a beat. This open communication, and honesty, with our clients help them trust that we always have their families best interest in mind.

Your coworkers, our pets, and their moms and dads all expect us to be at our best every day. We’re human, however, so the next best thing is for us to SEE SOMETHING, DO SOMETHING . Could the storage shelf be organized? Does an enclosure need to be cleaned? Is there a pup in your group that’s particularly nervous today? Is that private play dog having a hard time with all of the noise?

Take it upon yourself to do what you can to make the situation better. We need to rely on one another to have our teams, and the pups, backs. Through integrity we attempt to do the right, or kindest, thing whenever possible.