What It Means When Your Dog’s Fur Is Pelted

Pelted Dog Fur Grand Rapids Pet Grooming

What It Means When Your Dog’s Fur Is Pelted

Pelted Dog Fur Grand Rapids Pet Grooming

One of the biggest responsibilities that come with owning a dog with medium to long fur is grooming so that your dog’s fur doesn’t become pelted. That doesn’t mean just the occasional bath but also regular brushing and haircuts to keep the skin and coat healthy. But what happens if that part is neglected?

If your medium to longhaired dog is not brushed and groomed regularly their coat can become pelted. Fur that is pelted is uncomfortable at best and extremely painful at worst. It can break the skin and keep air from getting in to help the dog cool down. Pelted fur is a sign of neglect and abuse of a dog but some people don’t realize it has become such a big problem.

Keep reading to find out what pelting is, how you can fix it, and how you can prevent it in the future.

Pelted Dog Fur: What To Do?

What is Pelting?

Pelting is a condition that happens when a dog’s fur is so matted and tangled that it has to come off in one piece. It also pulls on the skin and doesn’t allow air to flow through. If the pelting is bad enough then fleas and ticks can be trapped rendering flea treats ineffective.

Also if the pelting isn’t taken care of the skin can tear and cause infections that aren’t seen and can’t be treated through the fur. This can turn into a dangerous condition if not handled properly or as soon as it is discovered.

What Can I Do to Fix Pelted Fur?

The thing about pelting is that you will need to take your dog to the vet or the groomer to have this problem fixed. If the skin is broken or it is so tight and painful that the dog will need to be sedated then you will need to see a veterinarian, not a groomer.

However, if it is a more mild case of pelting then an experienced and professional dog groomer will be able to handle the problem with no issues. This is not something we recommend you handle yourself.

Even in the best case, it is likely that there will be very painful parts. Your dog could get scared and even bite you. Or you could knick your dog on accident and make it harder for the groomer later.

How Can it Be Prevented?

Once your dog has seen a groomer or a veterinarian to have the pelt removed, it will be important that this doesn’t happen again. Once is an accident that the owner didn’t notice, more than that could be considered neglect.

This is a really easy problem to prevent. All you will need to do is brush your dog every few days or have the dog regularly groomed by a professional. Monthly grooming at your local dog groomer will go a long way in making sure pelting doesn’t happen again.

However, if you don’t want to visit a groomer often make sure you are brushing and bathing your dog often.

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