Benefits of Proper Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Grand Rapids, MI

Benefits of Proper Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Grand Rapids, MI

While some dog owners may schedule a monthly pedicure for their fur baby, or even a routine spa day, proper dog grooming is not about luxury, instead it is something necessary for your dog’s health.

Proper Dog Grooming Benefits

Dog grooming goes far beyond brushing your dog’s coat too. It involves regular baths, nail trimming, and inspection of his ears and skin. Attention to these details will help ensure your dog is healthy and happy, while also reducing cleanup time in your home by eliminating excessive shedding.

Check out the following benefits of proper dog grooming.

Grooming the Right Way

With a wide selection of brushes, shampoos, and conditioners specifically designed for different fur lengths, textures, and even skin conditions, at first glance, it would appear that these products would make grooming your dog at home easier than ever. But, how do you choose?

While grooming your dog at home can certainly be more convenient, it’s not always the best option, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Professional groomers are trained and skilled in not only making your dog look great, but also in knowing how to identify any health concerns. From recognizing wounds or skin irritations, to spotting potentially dangerous lumps underneath the fur, a professional can alert you in the early stages and help protect your dog’s well-being.

Moreover, a professional groomer is equipped with all the necessary tools and supplies for bathing dogs. Regardless of whether a dog loves or hates baths, or becomes anxious in water, or has sensitive skin, an expert groomer will have the proper gear, and will know how to calm a dog. This alleviates the stress and hassle for both you and your dog. Then, at the end of the grooming session, your dog will smell fresh and look great!

Trimmed Nails for a Happy, Healthy Dog

Long ago, when dogs spent most of their time outdoors running, walking, and climbing over a variety of surfaces, their nails didn’t have the chance to grow long. Nowadays, this isn’t usually the case, since most dogs have limited time outdoors and live indoors with their human family.

Trimming nails on a dog can be scary for an owner who isn’t familiar with the task, and dogs can sense that uneasiness. It’s nothing worse than accidentally cutting a nail to the quick and causing your dog pain. However, your dog is completely dependent on you to take care of him and long nails can result in discomfort and health issues.

Walking with untrimmed nails is quite painful for a dog and results in him altering his stride in an effort to avoid the pain, which can eventually cause joint inflammation and bone deformities. Rather than worrying about cutting your dog’s nails correctly and frequently enough, have a professional groomer take care of it for you.

DIY Grooming is a Great Time to Bond

When you leave the more difficult grooming details to a professional, it frees you up to enjoy more bonding time with your dog. Set aside time every day or at least a few times each week to calmly sit with your dog and brush his coat. Most dogs love being brushed and getting a tummy rub in the process is always welcome! Spending this time together will strengthen his trust in you and spoiling him will bring you as much joy as it does him.

Just as good hygiene and clean clothes make us feel great, grooming your dog on a regular basis will enhance his quality of life, as well. So, invest in your dog’s health and happiness with these suggestions.

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