Adopting a Dog During a Pandemic

Adopting A Dog During Pandemic

Adopting a Dog During a Pandemic

Adopting A Dog During Pandemic

Staying home and working during a pandemic can have its benefits. More time for the things you love doing because you don’t spend time commuting, getting ready, etc. Maybe now you’re considering adopting a dog during the pandemic. While this is a really great time to consider adopting a dog, there are some questions you need to ask yourself to make sure you are ready.

Adopting a Dog During a Pandemic: Should I?

We have put together a list of things that you need to consider if you are wanting to adopt a dog while you are working from home. It will give you a lot of motivation to actually leave the house once in a while but there is more to adopting than just taking daily walks.

Do You Have Time To Adopt A Dog?

While it is nice that you can work remotely during this time, that doesn’t mean that you automatically have the time for a new dog in your home. Do you have the time to take the dog for walks every day, twice a day? This is important not only for their physical health but for the dog’s mental health as well. They do much better when they can walk to release nervous energy or extra energy. You also need to know if you have the time to spend on them to play, feed them, train them, etc. Having a dog is a full-time job!

Do You Have The Funds?

Providing shelter, food, comfort, etc. for an animal is not to be taken lightly. You will have to put some money in to care for the dog. Plus you will probably want to buy the pooch some toys and special treats. When people say “having a dog is like having a kid”, they’re not completely wrong. If you’re going to adopt a puppy, you have to be in it for the long haul. Pets deserve a loving, caring home too.

Can You Get Them Medical Care?

Are you able to get them to a veterinarian in an emergency? Check with your local clinics and make sure they open and see patients during the pandemic. Also, ask them about how they deal with emergencies or if you would need to go elsewhere. Vet bills can add up quick and if you aren’t prepared for the possibility that your furry friend might need medical attention, then maybe adopting isn’t for you.

What Happens When Your Schedule Changes?

Are you committed to taking care of the adopted dog even if you end up back in the office? The pandemic won’t last forever and there will be a time that you have to go back to your normal schedule. Ensuring your pup is well taken care of while you are in the office is a must. Finding someone to walk your dog while you’re at work or signing your dog up for dog boarding or a dog daycare is another good idea.

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