5 Items To Pack When Boarding Your Dog

Items To Pack When Boarding Your Dog

5 Items To Pack When Boarding Your Dog

Items To Pack When Boarding Your Dog

Thanks to dog boarding, pup owners can enjoy a longer vacation without worrying about who is going to watch their dog. Still, even if you find an amazing place for your dog to stay, you likely want to make sure you do everything you can to make the pup’s stay as pleasant as possible. As we know, dogs can feel stressed in new environments, especially if their owner is not around. Here are 5 items to pack for your pup to make sure their boarding stay is as comfy as possible!

5 Items To Pack For Your Dog

Medication and Supplements

If your dog needs to take certain medication and supplements, be sure to pack those and talk to the facilitator about how and when to administer them. People working in a pet boarding facility have the necessary experience to give these supplements to your pup without problems, but just be sure to mention any special requirements, such as if the medicine must be given on an empty stomach.

Their Favorite Toys

The daycare or boarding facility definitely has a lot of dog toys and treats lying around, but it can help your dog feel more comfortable if they have their favorite toy with them to play. Especially if it’s a special toy your dog really loves, such as the one they always sleep with.

Something from You or Your Home

Even if the pup will have lots of fun making new friends and playing while you’re gone, they will still miss you. You could pack a t-shirt or a blanket for them to remind them of you. The smell of this item can help calm the dog, especially in the beginning when they are unsure of their new environment.

Identification and Contact Information

If you haven’t given the pet resort the pup’s identification when booking their stay, be sure to have it with you when you drop the pup off. Additionally, write down your emergency contact information, and let them know how they can reach you or someone in your family quickly in case something goes wrong.

Their Special Items

You are the one who knows your dog the best, so think of the things your pup can’t live without or really loves. They can sometimes be really picky, and the boarding place will try to accommodate them as much as possible, so don’t feel bad about asking them to feed your dog out of a specific bowl you bring from home, for instance.

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