Helping Your Newly Adopted Dog Thrive

Helping Your Newly Adopted Dog Thrive

Helping Your Newly Adopted Dog Thrive

Helping Your Newly Adopted Dog Thrive

Adopting a new dog is really exciting for the whole family. There is nothing better than bringing home a dog that will add new life to the family home. But there are some really common mistakes that new dog owners make that we want to help you avoid. We have put together a list of the Dos and Don’ts for a new dog owner. It is important from the beginning to get to know your dog. Dogs have personalities and since adopted dogs are generally not puppies, they may have certain things they just don’t like. So let’s dive in and find out how to help your newly adopted dog thrive!

Do’s & Don’ts to Help Your Adopted Dog Thrive

Do Walk Your Dog

Don’t waste any time with this one. Walking an adopted dog from day one at least once a day is going to be the best thing you can do to help them acclimate. Walking helps dogs shed nervous energy and it is a great way to bond and show them the new neighborhood or park.

Many owners are nervous about taking the new dog for a walk because they don’t know what they will do. This isn’t a good idea. Get a good harness and leash, arm yourself with treats, and hit the sidewalk. A dog with nervous energy and no way to release it will become anxious and destructive.

Do Watch Them With Your Children

Children are small and dogs will likely see them as pack members. Some dogs may try to be dominant. There is also a possibility that the dogs will aggress towards children. It is impossible to know unless you watch. It is very easy for a small child to be hurt badly by a dog that is trying to claim their place.

Even if the dog seems to be the calmest, most laid back dog you have ever met, don’t leave your child alone with them. It is best to not leave children under the age of 12 alone with a new dog. Dogs are still dogs and could get scared or misread a signal from the child.

Do Train Them

Dog training is an absolute must. Even if it is just basic obedience training or to come when called your dog needs to have some training. Most dogs are either toy or food motivated and respond well to positive reinforcement.

There are a lot of great training programs in person or even some great videos online to help get you started.

Don’t Give Them The Run of The House

It will be tempting to let your new dog go where they want and lay on the couch or bed. This is a personal choice to be sure but keep in mind that the dog sees this differently than you do. They see this as moving up in the pack. This could cause possessiveness.

Don’t Get in Their Faces

Getting in a new dog’s face even if you just want a hug or think you are being affectionate is a sign of aggression to some dogs. It isn’t safe. Make sure you are reading your dog’s cues so you don’t get a bite instead of a kiss. Also, teach children to stay out of the dog’s face. This could be a major issue and cause a huge injury to a child.

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