Do I Need To Board My Cat?

Should I Board My Cat Grand Rapids

Do I Need To Board My Cat?

Should I Board My Cat Grand Rapids

Cats have a reputation of being very low maintenance, even when it comes to leaving them at home. Some people think that if they have an automatic feeder and waterer as well as a self-cleaning litter box, then they can leave the cat home when they go out of town. This really isn’t true or safe. If you’re asking yourself “Should I board my cat?”, the answer is “YES!”

Should You Board Your Cat?

There are three questions we are going to have you ask yourself before you leave your cat home alone when you leave town. The question of whether or not you need to board your cat hinges on the answers to these questions.

How Long Will You Be Gone?

This first question might be the most important one you are going to ask. How long will you be gone? It is true that cats tend to be a little more self-sufficient than dogs, but they will still miss their people and still need to be cared for.

If you are simply going to be gone for a quick overnight trip then it may be okay to leave your cat as long as there are no medications that need to be given. If there are any health concerns then don’t leave your cat overnight at all.

If you are going to be gone for more than a night then you need to find a reputable cat boarding facility or a trusted pet sitter to check on your cat.

How Does Your Cat Do in New Places?

This question is a very good question when trying to decide if you need to or should board your cat. How does your cat do in new places? Does your pet tend to stress out and have a hard time? If the answer is no then go ahead and book the facility of your choice to care for your cat while you are gone.

If the answer is yes then you may want to consider taking your cat to visit the boarding facility you will be using to help them feel familiar and safe during their stay. Boarding staff love the animals in their care and do their best to make them feel at home.

However, if your cat really struggles with new environments and people then it would be wise to look into the option of a friend or family member caring for the cat in your home while you are gone. If you have a trusted pet sitter that knows your cat that would be a great option as well but we will talk more about that next.

Do You Have a Reliable Pet Sitter?

It is important when leaving your cat in the care of someone else no matter how long of a time period, that the person is reliable. That means they can be trusted to arrive when they say they will, to be kind to your cat, and care for your pet according to your standards as the owner.

If you have a reliable pet sitter then, by all means, leave your cat at home when you travel as long as there are no concerns. But if the answer to the question is that you do not have someone you trust to sit your feline family member, then cat boarding at a quality facility is the way to go.

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